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面向“深阅读”的知识图示设计 Journal article
电化教育研究, 2015, 2015年第11期(总第27 期):13-19
Authors:  权国龙 ;   张茹 ;   顾小清
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Motion-based phenol detection and degradation using 3D hierarchical AA-NiMn-CLDHs@HNTs-Ag nanomotors Journal article
Environmental Science: Nano, 2022, v 9,n 8,p2815-2826
Authors:  Xing, Ningning;  Lyu, Yangsai;  Yang, Jie;  Zhang, Xiaolei;  Han, Yang
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Kinetic Analysis of Bio-oil Derived Hierarchically Porous Carbon for Superior Li+/Na+Storage Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2022, v 13,n 31,p7273-7279
Authors:  Wang, Juan;  El-Khodary, Sherif A.;  Ng, Dickon H. L.;  Li, Sheng;  Cui, Yingxue
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3D hierarchical LDHs-based Janus micro-actuator for detection and degradation of catechol Journal article
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2023, v 442,
Authors:  Xing, Ningning;  Lyu, Yangsai;  Li, Jia;  Ng, Dickon H.L.;  Zhang, Xiaolei
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