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TitleUnder-reaction in the sovereign CDS market
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Wang, Xinjie1; Xiao, Yaqing2; Yan, Hongjun3; Zhang, Jinfan4
Date Issued2021-09-01
Indexed BySSCI
Firstlevel Discipline经济学
Education discipline社科类
Published range国外学术期刊
Volume Issue Pages卷: 130
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Document TypeJournal article
CollectionSchool of Management and Economics
Corresponding AuthorXiao, Yaqing
1.Southern Univ Sci & Technol, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Peoples R China
2.Capital Univ Econ & Business, Beijing, Peoples R China
3.DePaul Univ, Chicago, IL 60604 USA
4.Chinese Univ Hong Kong Shenzhen , Shenzhen, Peoples R China
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GB/T 7714
Wang, Xinjie,Xiao, Yaqing,Yan, Hongjunet al. Under-reaction in the sovereign CDS market[J]. JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE,2021.
APA Wang, Xinjie, Xiao, Yaqing, Yan, Hongjun, & Zhang, Jinfan. (2021). Under-reaction in the sovereign CDS market. JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE.
MLA Wang, Xinjie,et al."Under-reaction in the sovereign CDS market".JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE (2021).
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