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TitleAssessing the performance of Traveling-salesman based Automated Path Searching (TAPS) on complex biomolecular systems
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Xi, Kun1,2; Hu, Zhenquan1,2; Wu, Qiang3; Wei, Meihan1; Qian, Runtong1; Zhu, Lizhe1
Date Issued2021-07-16
Source PublicationJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation
Indexed BySCIE
Funding Project国家自然科学基金项目
Firstlevel Discipline化学
Education discipline科技类
The number of words45
Published range国外学术期刊
Volume Issue Pages17/ 8 / 5301-5311
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Document TypeJournal article
CollectionArieh Warshel Institute for Computational Biology
School of Medicine
Corresponding AuthorZhu, Lizhe
1.Chinese Univ Hong Kong Shenzhen , Sch Life & Hlth Sci, Warshel Inst Computat Biol, Shenzhen 518172, Guangdong, Peoples R China
2.Univ Sci & Technol China, Sch Chem & Mat Sci, Hefei 230026, Anhui, Peoples R China
3.Chinese Univ Hong Kong Shenzhen , Sch Sci & Engn, Shenzhen 518172, Guangdong, Peoples R China
First Author AffilicationThe Chinese University of HongKong,Shenzhen
Corresponding Author AffilicationThe Chinese University of HongKong,Shenzhen
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GB/T 7714
Xi, Kun,Hu, Zhenquan,Wu, Qianget al. Assessing the performance of Traveling-salesman based Automated Path Searching (TAPS) on complex biomolecular systems[J]. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation,2021.
APA Xi, Kun, Hu, Zhenquan, Wu, Qiang, Wei, Meihan, Qian, Runtong, & Zhu, Lizhe. (2021). Assessing the performance of Traveling-salesman based Automated Path Searching (TAPS) on complex biomolecular systems. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.
MLA Xi, Kun,et al."Assessing the performance of Traveling-salesman based Automated Path Searching (TAPS) on complex biomolecular systems".Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2021).
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