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TitleCurrent-Driven Dynamics of Frustrated Skyrmions in a Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Bilayer
Author (Name in English or Pinyin)
Xia, Jing1; Zhang, Xichao1; Ezawa, Motohiko2; Hou, Zhipeng3,4; Wang, Wenhong4; Liu, Xiaoxi5; Zhou, Yan1
Date Issued2019-04-16
Source PublicationPhysical Review Applied
Indexed BySCIE
Firstlevel Discipline物理学
Education discipline科技类
Published range国外学术期刊
Volume Issue Pages卷: 11 期: 4
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Document TypeJournal article
CollectionSchool of Science and Engineering
Co-First AuthorZhang, Xichao
Corresponding AuthorEzawa, Motohiko; Zhou, Yan
1.Chinese Univ Hong Kong , Sch Sci & Engn, Shenzhen 518172, Guangdong, Peoples R China
2.Univ Tokyo, Dept Appl Phys, 7-3-1 Hongo, Tokyo 1138656, Japan
3.South China Normal Univ, South China Acad Adv Optoelect, Guangzhou 510006, Guangdong, Peoples R China
4.Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Phys, Beijing Natl Lab Condensed Matter Phys, Beijing 100190, Peoples R China
5.Shinshu Univ, Dept Elect & Comp Engn, 4-17-1 Wakasato, Nagano 3808553, Japan
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Xia, Jing,Zhang, Xichao,Ezawa, Motohikoet al. Current-Driven Dynamics of Frustrated Skyrmions in a Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Bilayer[J]. Physical Review Applied,2019.
APA Xia, Jing., Zhang, Xichao., Ezawa, Motohiko., Hou, Zhipeng., Wang, Wenhong., .. & Zhou, Yan. (2019). Current-Driven Dynamics of Frustrated Skyrmions in a Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Bilayer. Physical Review Applied.
MLA Xia, Jing,et al."Current-Driven Dynamics of Frustrated Skyrmions in a Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Bilayer".Physical Review Applied (2019).
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